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Apart Audio is a specialized manufacturer of innovative fixed installation audio products that combine reliability with ease of use, seamless installation and surprising affordability. Predicated on over 20 years of experience in fixed audio installation, Apart Audio offers unique and reliable devices designed to meet the demands of small to medium size hospitality/food service, sports/leisure, education, religion, corporate, public sector and residential applications.

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Apart Audio believes that providing superb audio at affordable prices improves the quality of people's lives. That’s why they’re passionate leaders in creating innovative, installed sound solutions. They achieve this by being apart, by setting goals designed to distinguish themselves from conventional thinking and performance. And by coming together, empowering their staff to strive for technological, marketing and operational excellence.

Apart Audio.
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Founded in 1992 by Tom Gheysens as Audioprof NV, Apart Audio boasts a long history of installation expertise, so they understand the importance and responsibility of establishing generative relationships. That awareness, combined with a commitment to technological development, gives Apart Audio an invaluable edge moving forward, serving businesses and installers everywhere with the finest in cutting-edge, cost-effective audio solutions.

Audioprof Group International NV

Audioprof Group International NV is a company focused on fixed install sound solutions. The company sells in more than 100 countries worldwide and has its headquarters in Schoten, Antwerp – Belgium. Besides Apart Audio NV, Community Professional Loudspeakers with headquarters in Chester, Pennsylvania – USA is also part of the group. Within Audioprof Group International both brands are developed under the same umbrella respecting their market focus, customer base, culture and heritage. For more information : www.audioprofgroupinternational.com

Apart Audio products are designed expressly for use in the following fixed install audio market segments:

Commercial audio: Background music and messages in shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, waiting areas and theatres.

Functional / Industrial Audio: Sound in houses of worship, meeting rooms, classrooms, train and bus stations, stadiums, warehouses, offices, and parking garages.

About TMP-Pro Distribution


Evolving with clients’ needs and driving technological innovation for over 40 years, The Music People is a customer service inspired company comprised of two divisions, On-Stage musical accessories and TMP-Pro Distribution. Together, they provide musicians and industry professionals the world over with a one-stop resource for proprietary musical accessories and over 190 top brands of professional audio, video and lighting equipment.

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